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I started this blog to keep track of my kitchen creations. I love cooking and eating. In 2008 I was diagnosed with RA. Food started becoming a huge problem. I needed to find a better way to eat the flavors I love. All the recipes I create are driven by my desire to eat good food that won't create extra pain and inflammation in my internal ecosystem. While the recipes are wholesome, the language is not. I swear. I use the word 'fuck'. A lot! I make no apologies for that. It's just a fair warning. I'm raw and real. Happy cooking! Even happier eating! Cheers! Angie

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dandy Dandelions

Growing up in an Italian family, I always had fresh dandelion green salad on the table in the spring. Both of my grandfathers would go out into local fields and pick boxes of them. We'd eat them every day until they were gone for the season. I loved the tangy bitterness accented with just some olive oil and red wine vinegar. Nothing else was ever added to that salad.

Many people turn their noses up at eating "weeds" but that's because they don't know a secret.  Dandelions are one the healthiest greens out there!  Check out 10 Reasons To Eat Dandelions to see for your self!

Dandelions go waaaaaaaaaay back in history.  Much farther back than the weeds people see in their yards.  In fact, some experts think that they date back to the 17th century!  How Dandelions Came To North America

Looking for some other reasons to develop a fondness for this plant?   Check out Some Little Known Facts about this interesting plant.

Try digging some up for yourself and making a simple salad.  If you're not sure about that, throw a plant or 2 in a smoothie.  You won't taste it but you'll still get all the beautiful health benefits this great green has to offer!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I made this really without thinking.  I had to use up the last of my nectarines and I' don't really care for plain nectarine juice so I added a couple other things. 

6 nectarines, pitted
1 orange zested (leave the white pith)
1" chunk of ginger

For the best results with the nectarines, I reccommend putting half the orange in the feeder of your juicer and then puting in the nectarines and then the rest of the orange and then the ginger.  Push it down as slowly as possible.  The nectarines are soft so juicing them in the middle of the orange will help make sure you get the most juice out of them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MP3 Fresh Juice

1 whole mango, peeled and pitted
2-3 peaches, pitted
1 pear
1" round of pineapple (you don't have to peel if you are juicing but if you decide to blend you will have to peel!)

Process all the fruit through your juicer or if you want, you can put in in the blender for a bit of a thicker drink.