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I started this blog to keep track of my kitchen creations. I love cooking and eating. In 2008 I was diagnosed with RA. Food started becoming a huge problem. I needed to find a better way to eat the flavors I love. All the recipes I create are driven by my desire to eat good food that won't create extra pain and inflammation in my internal ecosystem. While the recipes are wholesome, the language is not. I swear. I use the word 'fuck'. A lot! I make no apologies for that. It's just a fair warning. I'm raw and real. Happy cooking! Even happier eating! Cheers! Angie

Monday, July 13, 2015

Peanut Butter Cup Freeze

Giving up ice cream, especially Perry's ice cream sandwiches, was the hardest thing for me when I went gf/df.

I've had it suggested to me to use frozen bananas to create ice cream but have always been hesitant.  I don't like mushy bananas and I couldn't imagine this not being mushy.  

I finally grew a set and made some. I figure peanut butter and cacao makes everything better, right?

In a food processor put:
2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup of organic peanut butter
2 tablespoons of cacao
Mix until completely blended. 
Top with crushed raw almonds and cacao nibs. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Snickers Bar Buzzzzz

I originally had a different name for this but when my coach said it tasted like a Snickers Bar I changed it. I usually get inspiration for names based on the flavor and I was going for something like Kicked Up Monkey or something like that. After his comment though I noticed it too. The instant espresso gives this a great caffeine punch. The dates give it the caramel flavor. I used cacao powder to flavor it and added the whole nibs as an afterthought. I love the crunch they have and it was perfect in this smoothie.  This was the perfect pick-me-up for my 6 hour road trip to Fort Drum today and I'm pretty sure it'll carry me through the Rolling Stones concert I'm going to tonite! 


2 cups of almond milk
2 scoops of protein powder
1/4 cup of cacao powder
1/4 cup of instant espresso  
3 tblsps of hemp powder
2 tblsps of maca powder
2 tblsps of mesquite powder
1 tblsp of lucuma powder
3 tblsps of rolled or Irish oats
Handful of raw almonds
1/2 cup of peanut butter
2 bananas
6-8 medjool dates 
8-10 ice cubes
Chopped cacao nibs

Put everything except the ice and cacao nibs in the blender. Once it's blended, start adding the ice. After you pour it into glasses or whatever, add the cacao nibs. You can add however many you want. This recipe makes enough for 2-3!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cherry Milkshake

OK so I lied. Not much of an experiment as it was some basic ingredients. Still, I love love love cherries and this was pretty thick and tasted close to a milkshake.  I didn't use ice in this because the cherries and berries were frozen.

2 cups of almond milk
1 scoop of protein powder 
1 banana
1/4 cup of raw hazelnuts
1/2 cup of black raspberries 
2+ cups of cherries

You know the drill. Throw everything but the cherries in and blend. Add the cherries a little at a time. 

Smokin' Sit-Up Maple Smoothie

While rummaging through Trader Joe's I came across maple water. Basically it's the unprocessed sap from maple trees. I live in Western New York so I've had the opportunity to taste pure unprocessed maple sap. It's consistency is very much like water and it tastes like water that has been flavored with a touch of maple syrup. Just to be clear, when I say maple syrup I don't mean Log Cabin or Mrs Butterworth's etc. I'm talking about 100% pure maple syrup. Nothing artificial. 

I made this smoothie this morning and had some before my WOD. That might be why I beat my coach's time in gymnastics and his number of sit-ups in the WOD.  Maybe I should have brought him his earlier!  I told him it needed a name and he suggested Smokin Sit-Up Smoothie. I liked it so I used it. 

It's pretty sweet. I put the ice in while instead of crushing it in the mixer but you can crush it if you like.

1 cup of almond milk
1 cup of maple water
2 bananas
6 medjool dates
2 scoops of protein powder
3 tblsps of hemp powder
3 tblsps of Irish oats
1 handful of raw almonds
8-12 ice cubes

Everything goes in the blender on high until smooth. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chocolate Sweet Potato Protein

Last sweet potato experiment for the week.  I think I could probably add them to any of my recipes at this point. 

You can use any raw nuts and any nut butter that you like. I just use what's laying around. 

And no.......there's no picture. I forgot to take one again and it was gone before I remembered. 

2 cups of almond milk
1 scoop of protein powder
3 tablespoons of hemp powder
3 tablespoons of whole oats 
3 tablespoons of cacao powder or nibs
1-3 tablespoons of instant espresso 
1/4 c organic peanut butter
1/4 c raw hazelnuts
4 medjool dates
1 banana
1 sweet potato
12 ice cubes

Cube and cook the sweet potato in the microwave or oven until it's soft then let it cool completely. 

Throw everything but the ice cubes in a high powered blender.  As its mixing, add the ice one cube at a time.  You may also have to add a little more milk to thin it out.

This makes enough to share or save!