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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swamp Cubes

My juicer has not been performing as it should when it comes to juicing leafy greens.  I was beginning to feel like I was wasting more than I was juicing.  I decided to use a different tactic to get the most out of my leaves!

1 large bunch of parsley
1 large bunch of cilantro
1 large handful of spinach

Roughly chop the spinach, parsley, and cilantro and put all of it in the blender.

Start the blender and add water a little at a time to keep everything mixing.

Blend until liquified, adding water in small amounts (1/8 cup at a time) as necessary.

Pour juice into ice cube trays and freeze solid.  Once frozen, pop them out and put them into freezer bags.

If you are making Swamp Water use 2-4 Swamp Cubes in place of juicing any greens.

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